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We work hard, and we play even harder.

That’s what many people like saying these days, but I think it wouldn’t be too inaccurate an assumption to say that many people spend their downtime watching TV series and movies, reading ebooks, playing video games, and surfing the Web. After all, with the whole range of electronic devices available to practically everyone today, being connected is almost the default. It’s now rather rare to find someone who does not have at least one device to connect them to the internet. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Easy Tips for a Mobile-Optimized Site


Even back in 2012, mobile traffic was already seen as the next big thing. In the past 12 months, traffic from mobile devices has skyrocketed beyond expectations. Then again, with how the smartphone and tablet markets have boomed, it is not really a surprise that mobile Internet traffic has increased massively.

Bloggers and web site owners really have no choice in the matter; that is, if they want to make sure that their visitors/readers have a good experience. You site has to be mobile-optimized.

The good news is that you do not have to be a tech wiz to meet the bare minimum in this regard. Here are three easy tips to ensure that you have a mobile-optimized site. Read the rest of this entry »

The support for online cloud storage has grown rapidly in just a few years. Back in 2000 nobody would have considered this as a plausible solution. Yet more companies are getting involved with cloud storage, cloud web hosting, and even CDN content farms. I really like these ideas where they can help new businesses or larger companies organize data.

But it is also true that even the individual user might enjoy cloud storage. The performance benefits are much like you would get after purchasing a web host. This may also include VPN access or at least FTP/SFTP to move files between computers. Data backups are meant to get your most important files into a duplicate copy which is stored elsewhere for safe keeping.
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unlocked padlock mobile phone shows access or protected
The mobile device craze has led more than one billion active smartphone and feature phone users to become hopelessly addicted to their portable devices.

Unfortunately many users who engage with their smartphones on a daily basis do not take the necessary steps to secure their device when mobile banking.

So how should a user go about security their mobile banking? Here are a few simple yet effective solutions.

Use A Pin Code

The first step in securing your mobile device for banking purposes is to set a PIN key. While this option will not save you from a hacker if unlocked, it will stop mobile device thieves from easily accessing your personal information. Along with your PIN code make sure to set an auto-lock feature for no more than a five minute period.

Avoid Non-Trusted Mobile Apps

Make sure you download your applications direction from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or other trusted sources. Unauthorized application downloads have been known to feature many different types of viruses and malware. Even if you choose to download trusted apps you should make sure they are always updated with their newest versions to ensure a hacker free environment.

An unauthorized app may include a keylogger or screengrabber which actively monitors your smartphone and steals your log-in information and other personal data.

Install Anti-Virus Software

Are you aware that anti-virus programs are available for mobile devices? Some of the best antivirus programs for mobile devices are offered by way of Lookout, Sophos, and even historical favorite Norton.

Anti-Virus software should be increased in importance if you purchase a second hand device from eBay, Craigslist and other sources. Sometimes pre-installed malicious software can track a users smartphone use and lead to identity theft.

The very mobile nature of smartphones and tablets make them a popular target for hackers who snoop for devices on public WiFi networks. Bluetooth connectivity can also pose a risk.

If you really don’t have a grasp on which antivirus program to purchase or download for free, check out best antivirus, a website dedicated to showcasing the computer protection applications on the market.

Use Mobile Banking Apps With Built-In Security

My personal banking app offers several layers of protection. First, I must enter a personal PIN number which is different from my debit card. Second, I  an required to enter my online banking password, and third, the software issues a private image that verifies to me that the application is authentic and safe to use.

Different banks offer different levels of security for mobile banking protection.

Mobile banking is a great convenience for users but it can also become quite the headache if the right precautions are not put in place. Whether using a smartphone or tablet be sure to properly secure your device and mobile banking app before you begin.




A growing number of women have become victims of sex crimes including sexual assaults. In the U.S., the Justice Department’s Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) revealed that one in every four women have experienced several physical violence by a spouse or boyfriend while an estimated 5.2 million women each year are victims of stalking.

Additionally, one in five women or nearly 1.3 million women in the U.S. are victims of rape each year.

With these alarming statistics, it is a must for every woman to take the right steps to protect herself. Being vigilant and alert all the time can greatly help deter any attempt to cause harm. Learning some self-defense techniques is also an ideal move to take as well as bringing handy personal safety tools in one’s bag.


These days, women can turn to mobile technology for their safety. Life saving and free mobile apps that help alert family members, friends and authorities are very popular today. Here are some of them worth installing on your smartphone. Read the rest of this entry »

Managing one’s finances can be quite a challenge for many people. But if you’re bent on maintaining a sound financial state and experience the lifestyle you want, there’s no reason why you can’t get out of debt and grow your savings onwards.

Did you know that apart from getting professional advice from financial planners, there are mobile apps available today that can help you keep track of your finances? They’re called personal finance apps that can be used with your iPhone or Android phone.

These finance applications work by obtaining real-time information from various service providers such as your banks, lenders, credit card companies and investment houses. Compared to the traditional way of monitoring one’s expenses from saving receipts and paper bills and visiting the bank regularly, using these mobile apps is more convenient particularly to people conscious of where their money is spent and how much they’re saving.

Here are some of these personal finance mobile apps that might interest you. They’re safe to use as personal information is not stored on the servers and even on your mobile phone. Read the rest of this entry »


When I watched “The Avengers,” the thing that struck me the most about the movie was Tony Stark’s clear cell phone. And it struck me because I knew that we probably weren’t far away from having phones like that. Technology is booming, and while we might not have transparent smartphones or JARVIS, we do have some pretty awesome stuff about to come on the market. Read the rest of this entry »

Apple’s big event is due to take place on September 10th where the Cupertino based company will launch the iPhone 5S. A email leaked today from Nuance, the company that powers Siri, tells us that the long awaited operating system upgrade iOS 7 will go live the same day. Owners of existing iPhones and those considering getting their hands on the iPhone 5S after launch already know quite a bit about the update thanks to an earlier preview. Here we give you a catch up of what’s in store.


Apple’s iOS 6 is already one of the most advanced and user friendly mobile interfaces available, so many of the updates in iOS 7 are simply improvements to existing features. The notification centre is one of the most popular features to be added to iOS, allowing users a quick overview of their latest messages, emails, upcoming events and other updates important to them – without even unlocking the phone. However the notification centre can quickly fill up, so Apple’s iOS 7 update organises the screen into a three tabs, one of which displays the essentials for ‘Today’.

Multitasking is also updated – while the method of accessing open apps remains the same, double tapping the home button, the update now displays previews of the open apps. It also now takes note of when you do certain tasks and intelligently organises the apps in the order that your most likely to need them, so if you always check the weather app when you wake up it will bring this to the front in the morning.

Other changes to existing features include a unified search field in Safari and many more voice command for Siri to make the voice assistant truly useful. Photos are also getting an update to allow you to see auto-generated albums based on events such as a holiday.

There’s new features too: AirDrop works similarly to the Mac based version where files can be shared with nearby friends without having to type their email address or phone number. Simply select to share by AirDrop and anyone with an iPhone nearby can be selected to receive the photo, video or contact – they’ll then be able to accept the transfer. This should speed up sharing and encourage us to be more social.

Control Centre makes it easier to do the simple things that need to be done quickly. With a simple swipe up of the screen you can access many features and controls from the music player to the WiFi network. Perhaps the most useful feature is the ability to quickly turn the brightness up or down (useful for not disturbing your sleeping partner) or turn a torch on for finding the way to the kitchen in the middle of the night.

The biggest change in iOS 7 isn’t a new feature though. For the first time in the history of the operating system, first launched in 2007, there’s going to be a major aesthetic change. Out goes the apps designed to look like real life objects, in comes a bright coloured flat design where icons appear to float over the background. The design change was always going to be controversial, especially as it’s such a departure from what everyone knows. However after playing with the new design for some time we feel it adds a sophistication and coherence to the design that was previously lacking, while remaining fun and customisable.

Apple will almost certainly have a few extra features ‘up their sleeves’ that even trusted developers haven’t seen yet. While some of these will almost certainly be limited to the new device, others could be available for existing phones. Discover when these are as they are announced by watching the live stream, or catch up on mobile phone blogs later that day.

Best Car PDA Holders

Modern cars of today have sleek and functional designs inside and out. Inside such as in the dashboard, many of them have useful compartments that can accommodate personal gadgets and other accessories.

Apart from the built-in compartments, however, there are also useful tools available that can be installed on the dashboard. An example is the car PDA holder.

Car owners who can’t do without their PDAs and mobile phones while driving should get a PDA holder. There are plenty available online which they can easily order.

Most of these PDA holders are the universal type that can be mounted on the dashboard or windshield. By universal, it means the tool is flexible to hold any type of smartphone, GPS or PDA. They’re also very affordable costing less than $10. Read the rest of this entry »

Top Expos for Gadgets

Electronic gadgets come and go. They’re constantly upgraded, thanks to developers who continue to find ways to meet the ever changing needs of consumers, young and old.

The youngsters of today are among the most tech savvy. They have this great desire to own the latest model of gadgets from mobile phones to tablets and game consoles not only to satisfy themselves but also to keep up with the trend.

Some $1.1 trillion is expected to be spent by consumers on electronics alone, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. This is an increase of about four percent from the 2012 figure. The experts attribute this growth to the advances in smart technology to include tablet computers and other portable devices that utilize apps.

An estimated 40 percent of gadget spending is foreseen to focus on smartphones and tablets. An understandable trend as many industries today are now using technological innovation. Read the rest of this entry »

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